FERNWEH HEIMWEH and Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme protect the orangutans

Every year, one million hectares of rainforest fall victim to legal or illegal overexploitation - often involving the cultivation of palm oil. Together with the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, FERNWEH HEIMWEH is fighting against the extinction of these great apes - and for the protection of their habitat, the tropical rainforest - through the sale of our orangutan coffee.

About Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Only about 9,000 of the world's unique great apes remain in Sumatra and Malaysia. This makes them one of the top 25 most endangered species. The greatest threat to the great apes: The destruction of the rainforest and the resulting shortage of their habitat. Some of the gentle animals are hunted down and killed by farmers and plantation workers, for example, when they leave their protective treetops out of sheer hunger to "steal" fruit from orchards. Illegal trade in the baby monkeys and the killing of the mothers also happens several times a day. In addition to researching the species through four research stations, the organization's primary goal is the (re)release of orangutans. Animals released from captivity or found in poor condition in the wild are rehabilitated by the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. Here, they are prepared for life in their natural environment again before being released.The SOCP team also conducts conservation education. The program advocates for sustainable palm oil cultivation. 



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