FERNWEH HEIMWEH and Uganda Bukonzo Joint fight for more women's power in Uganda

With our FERNWEH HEIMWEH highland Arabica coffee, we support the Bukonzo Joint Cooperative in Uganda, which currently manages 3,400 small plantations in the Rwenzori Mountains region of western Uganda. The cooperative is firmly in women's hands: 85 percent of the farmers are female. In addition to marketing the coffee, the women also take care of granting small loans and the education and training of their members. Every FERNWEH HEIMWEH coffee sold supports this special cooperative.

About Uganda Bukonzo Joint

The Bukonzo Joint Cooperative was established in 1999 to help the poor, isolated farming communities in Bukonzo District, which have been economically marginalised due to war, poverty and their remote location. The central aim since then has been to provide sustainable financial and educational services to the economically disadvantaged - especially women. The Bukonzo Cooperative is committed to improving the living conditions of the rural poor to ensure that they actively participate in the economic, social and political development of Bukonzo County.

The Bukonzo cooperative therefore runs a micro-credit institution in addition to training and education centres to enable members to raise their standard of living. By developing and expanding their small businesses, which mainly grow coffee and maize, the farmers actively participate in the social and economic development of the Bukonzo district and thus the whole of Uganda.


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